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3 day workshop!     Qi Gong and the Pillars of Practice

Tools for a Life in Practice and a review of the fine points


Please note: This is a workshop being taught by Master David Doyle and is sponsored solely by Monk with Family /


This is a workshop on Transformation, Meditation, Awakening, and Qi Gong. Each day we will cover both the basic and advanced fine details of Qi Gong.  Along with  Qi Gong instruction, a full meditation workshop will go over all of the Pillars of Practice* found within virtually every traditional lineage of inner practice pointing to Awakening and Enlightenment.  The workshop will cover the fine points of meditation, energy awareness, siddhis, Awakening, and more. This will be a powerful workshop - exceptional for experienced practitioners and complete beginners as well.


The workshop will be taught by Master David Doyle. With over 50 years of Life in the Way, Master Doyle speaks from deep experience with many siddhis that have come to him as byproducts of energy work, and meditation (as much as 18 hours in a sitting). He is able to speak from experience on Abiding Awakening, the intricacies of what is occurring in meditation, sitting practices, the gross physical, gross subtle, and subtle bodies, kundalini, and much much more.


Schedule of Events


Friday will consist of an introduction to Qi Gong and a discussion of the Pillars of Practice - the most basic and most important and often overlooked foundational building blocks of Life in the Way.


Saturday and Sunday will each have two sets of Qi Gong practice and instruction, Sitting Energy practice, and a designated time for talks and Q & A.


This is the first workshop in a series of 3 workshops scheduled for 2023!


This first workshop is currently scheduled from March 31st - April 2nd with the location to be announced.

Current schedule:

Friday        7:30 - 10 pm

Saturday   9 am - 4 pm

Sunday   10 am - 3 pm



Register by March 1st and the cost for all 3 days is $195


After March 1st the cost is $235



Register Here Now - CLICK HERE -Space Is Limited! - this will take you to Master David Doyle's website:


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