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Special Note - Master Yao experienced something similar to a stroke over two years ago and has recovered considerably and is getting better all the time. He is still partially limited in some of his movements. Extra donations are very much appreciated as his teaching and healing practices were severely limited for a period of time in addition to Pandemic-related limitations. (Thank you!)


Many new things are happening now - they have been brewing for a long time - and now is the time for action on many levels.


We had our first outdoor workshop event in December 2014 - Qi Gong Tree (Nature) Meditation. Right in-between the hugh rains in the middle of December it calmed down at exactly the right time for our workshop to happen outdoor next to McElroy Fountain located in North Lake Merritt. We had a great time and a pretty good turnout considering the heavy rains and busy holiday season - not to mention nearby protests and helicopters overhead related to police violence/abuse issues.


We learned a lot from the Master as well as just doing "a workshop" and meeting new people and introducing them to our teaching. In the future, we will have more advanced planning and advertising as well as a much better mix of things for those attending such an event. All in all, it was a good stepping-off point for future events!


This website is now up and running and the work on the archives and blog has only just begun. Donations will make sure that the website is maintained, SEO services are taken care of and MailChimp and software fees are not a problem.


If you own, work for, or know of a company that wants to make a large tax-deductible donation, please consider Shaolin Master Qi Gong.


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We want to thank those of you who have donated either your time or financial support and all of you who intend to right now and in the future!


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