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Qi Gong is quickly gaining popularity in the West. PBS, Tic Tok, and YouTube are among the many outlets where this practice is being seen and noticed by millions. But in a similar way to Yoga, Qi Gong is being touted for its great health benefits with little notice if any that it comes from an enlightenment practice that was handed down orally for thousands of years.


Few Qi Gong teachers possess the knowledge of this ancient enlightenment practice to the degree that they can transmit it in their teaching. Either they are not entirely aware of this teaching or they could not find a true master or have not aspired to attain the highest levels and the work and dedication it takes to attain them.


Master Yao is renowned for his martial arts expertise but far more than this is his very high understanding and mastery of the ancient energy arts of transformation.


Qi Gong will indeed balance your energies and increase your vitality with startling speed - and it is done with relatively little effort. But with regular practice and the high guidance of an elite grandmaster such as Master Yao, the practice becomes much more.


Master Yao is a Shaolin Temple Monk - few who pass through the halls of Shaolin Temple become monks - yet it is this step that can enter one upon the secret teachings available to those few. Of those who choose the path of a monk, only some can greet the higher levels available to one who has done the work necessary.


From the outset, this wonderful and unassuming monk - Master Yao, is helpful in all things that comprise the common face of Qi Gong in the West such as health and vitality, and balance, but if you take the time to follow in his footsteps - those of practice and dedication, he can walk each step with you until you have reached levels you could not have dreamed of.



Grand Master Shi Yong Yao lives here in Oakland, California, and is a humble monk with extraordinary abilities and patience. He was previously the head coach and Grand Master at Shaolin Temple of Qi Gong and Kung Fu.


Master Shi Yong Yao is a 33rd Generation Shaolin Temple Grand Master Monk.




Master Yao has passed the main teaching in Alameda (moved to Berkeley in 2022) to long-time student and teacher Shifu David Doyle.  Shifu Doyle is an Awakened Master that has had an active practice in the energy arts and meditation for over 50 years with an extensive background in both Yoga and Qi Gong. He also regularly meets with those interested in Awakening and those that have Awakened.



Shifu David Doyle has been studying intensely under the Master's guidance for many years and came to this Qi Gong tradition with 40 years of practice in a Life in The Way of Yoga.  He has a deep understanding of Yoga as well as Qi Gong, inner cultivation, and Life in The Way - see also: for more on Shifu David Doyle.


Master Doyle is currently teaching Qi Gong every  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from  6 am to 7:30 am in Alameda. The group currently meets in the Fortman Marina Yacht Club at 1535 Clement Ave, Alameda CA. Everyone is welcome, though please read the Practice Notes (click above) before attending for your first time and contact Master Doyle prior to attending.


SatSang with Master Doyle is held on the last day of each month at 1 pm Pacific Standard Time, from Alameda, California USA.

Click here if you would like to attend:



Master David Doyle is the Deputy Director of the US Regional Department of Shaolin Fohanmen as recognized by the Department of Wushu Culture, China Cultural Infomation Association, Fowensheng Culture Department. He is also part of Grand Master Yao's inner circle.



You may contact David here at this site or at his website:



Oakland Classes


Master Caxton Fung is now teaching in-person and online in Oakland California every Wednesday evening from 5;30 to 6:30 at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC) Please click here for a link to the online class.


Master Fung is a long-time student of Grand Master Yao and is also part of his inner circle.  He is a student of Kung Fu and Qi Gong and is fluent in Chinese as that is his native language.



Special Note - Grand Master Yao experienced something similar to a stroke over three years ago and has recovered considerably and is getting better all the time. He is still partially affected in some of his movements. He is currently not teaching.



For those of you attending a class for the first time - be sure to click here for a review of the practice notes. This covers the basic to advanced tips you will want to know when attending a class or practicing outside of class.


All classes are open to first-time students as well as advanced students. The class content revolves so no scheduled class is the same all of the time.

Our classes are not divided by difficulty levels because there is not a great variation in difficulty within Qi Gong practice and most movements can be done without great difficulty though some may take time to fully incorporate and this is expected.




 When attending class for the first time please read the Practice Notes  and arrive at least 30 minutes early - that will allow us time to instruct on some of the finer points of the class not included here in the general practice notes.  We do not generally talk or instruct a great deal during the class once it has started.







Practice Notes

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(Required for all students)





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Master Doyle & Master Yao Summer 2019


If you are interested in meeting with Shifu David Doyle regarding Qi Gong, Awakening, Post Awakening, or practice questions on The Way - contact him here - David is available in-person or online via Skype, Zoom, Facetime, and other applications.


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